Hervey Bay is the epicentre of the Humpback whales annual migration up the east coast of Australia.

Whilst the bay is best know for its giant visitors the area is also home to a highly diverse range of wildlife, marine life and seabirds, including some of the rarest species in the world!

Learn more here about some of the amazing animals you will discover on your Adventure Cruise!

The whales

Amaroo humpback whale 2

Hervey Bay is world renowned as the best place to watch the migrating Humpback Whales as they relax in the warm sheltered waters of Platypus Bay over winter.

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Whale watch season

whale sunset

Hervey Bay's annual whale watching season runs from mid-July to late October.

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dolphins hervey bay3

With 4 species of dolphin populating the Hervey Bay area year round you're guaranteed to spot a dolphin whenever you visit.

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Dugongs, Turtles and Sharks

turtle hervey bay3

There are many other species of sea life that frequent the waters between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island. Most notably these include the shy and endangered Dugong or Sea Cow.

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About the area

The coast line around Hervey Bay and Fraser Island is renowned for its beauty and abundance of endangered sea life, wildlife and birds.

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