The Dugong

The dugong is a large marine mammal very similar to its cousin the manatee. However, the Dugong in differentiated from it’s manatees cousins by its fluked, dolphin-like tail, and unique skull and teeth. Dependent on seagrasses for food Dugongs typically occupy wide, shallow, protected areas such as bays, mangrove channels and the lee sides of large inshore islands - typical to Hervey Bay locality.


The Hervey Bay and Fraser Island area is also home to 6 of the worlds 7 species of marine turtle including the endangered Loggerhead Turtle and the rare freshwater Mary River Turtle!

Between the months of November to April its is possible to watch turtle eggs hatching in nearby local areas.

You are likely to discover Turtles on our cruises.


There are a number of shark species inhabiting the waters around Hervey Bay including the large Tiger Shark and Bull Sharks to the more common (and smaller) Whaler Sharks.

These stunning apex predators are truly majestic to behold and you may be lucky enough to spot one on any of our cruises.