Offshore bottlenose Dolphin

Most common in the winter months when the cold nutrient rich waters bring their primary prey - Yellow Tail, Herring and Mackerel to the reefs around Hervey Bay - the Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins are the largest species to visit Hervey Bay.

The Offshore Bottlenose are fast and excitable. They love to play alongside the boat and particularly enjoy the attention of a captivated audience.

Your are guaranteed to enjoy this species on our cruises.

Common Dolphin

Ironically Common Dolphins are not that common in Hervey Bay preferring the deeper offshore waters. But if you are lucky enough to spot them it will be a lasting memory with their striking hour glass colouring and tendency to appear in large pods many individuals often racing in front or behind the boat.

Indo-pacific Dolphin

Often seen in the shallow waters around the reefs and river estuaries near Hervey Bay sometimes these dolphins are known locally as Mary River or Sousa Dolphins.

The Indo-pacific Dolphin is about the same size as the Inshore Bottlenose and the 2 species can often be seen interacting and feeding together. They are however, distinctly different in appearance. Indo-pacific Dolphins have a longer beak, larger melon and more triangular fin. They range in colour from pale grey to dark brown.

You may be more likely to spot this shy species on our scenic Mary River Cruise (Mary River cruise will be back soon).

Inshore Bottlenose Dolphin

These cruisy creatures are friendly Hervey Bay residents. Whilst they’re not that interested in the boat you are likely to observe them feeding and playing in the bay.

The local inshore pods of up to 12 individuals are used to the boats and may ride the waves in front or behind the M.V. Amaroo Hervey Bay.

They are incredibly resourceful and you may see them using their echolocation to dig up fish in the sand or even trying to smash shells on the surface to get at the molluscs inside!